Language Learning Books

There are many reasons why people choose to learn a second language. It’s another skill to add in your CV or a way to get in-depth knowledge of anothe

There are many reasons why people choose to learn a second language. It’s another skill to add in your CV or a way to get in-depth knowledge of another culture. If you are a traveller, for example, it’s nice if you study a basic, survival set of words and sentences that you can practice during your journey.

It’s often said that toddlers and young children tend to learn languages faster than adults. That is absolutely correct, since the way kids learn is completely different: they learn through imitation of sounds and interaction with parents and siblings! If a child is exposed to two or even three languages, he/she can manage to learn them all at once, with basically no effort.

But, with the right method, people can successfully learn a second language, even later on in life. A well written and organized educational book may be of great help.

How to Choose the Right Language Learning Book

If you Google “language books”, you get hundreds of results. Knowing what’s best for you can be a hard task. For example, if you need some German to increase the chances of getting a promotion, it’s different from studying the language just because you are going to visit Berlin.

At this stage, and especially if you are a complete beginner, we strongly suggest that you take professional advice. If you have a limited budget, ask a native language teacher to teach you the basics: he/she is going to be the perfect source of information on the best book for you.

On top of that, keep in mind that language texts are not very cheap, so you want to get the perfect one without wasting your money on something that will not help you at all. The teacher will also be able to give you important tips on how to study that language, like the right pronunciation and some basic vocabulary.

Contemporary language books usually have a section dedicated to interactive units and exercises. You can access these exercises using the unique code that comes with your purchase. Basically, the book is linked to an online platform where you can choose to practise what you learn.

Also, check if the book is for English speaking students. This means that the instructions are in English and not in the target language. Also, don’t make the mistake of getting a teacher’s book: they are made for teachers and more difficult to use.

General Learning Books

As strange as it may sound, reading a book on how to learn a language can be a great way to improve your learning strategies. Especially if it’s the first time you are studying a second language, you may consider having a look at this (sometimes underrated) category of texts.

For example, the famous “How to Learn a Foreign Language”, written by Dr. Pimsleur is an authentic milestone. The author is the inventor of the audio methods that, from the ’80s onwards, have been of great help to millions of students around the globe.